We Media:10 Popular Platforms In China

We Media:10 Popular Platforms In China

As a media operator, it is necessary to pay attention to the We Media platform every day. Due to the huge influx of we media platform, many friends may not be able to distinguish or identify the characteristics of each platform in the early stage.
The following is a list of several active we-media platforms. Since WeChat has been well known to all, it is not necessary to mention here. How many of the eleven we-media platforms do you know?
10 Popular We Media Platforms In China

BaiJia Hao(百家号)

Baidu baijia upgrade version, relative to other platforms baidu gives a higher weight, as long as the article is included, are basically ranked the first baidu search engine, suitable for ranking, this may also be baidu’s support for its own products. However, the disadvantage is that the article approval requirements are higher

Tou Tiao Hao(头条号)

As the leader of mobile information flow advertising, toutiao must constantly introduce new creative content to “we media” platform, and then toutiao emerges as The Times require, and becomes the king of “we media” platform for attracting fans and drainage.
SouHu Hao
Sohu number has its own traffic attribute. It can even be said that in many self media platforms, the volume of collection and reading of the same copy is the highest on Sohu, and every collection must be displayed on the homepage, which I have personally tested, which is quite attractive for self media people.

FengHuang Hao(凤凰号)

Phoenix, as the world’s leading cross platform network new media, has always been fairly good in comprehensive rating, and seems to have made a breakthrough in the direction of short-sighted screen.
Recently, we have been collecting short-term videos on the joint one o’clock. Excellent cases can be toured and displayed in Colleges and universities all over the country, and the works that have entered the final will be highlighted Winning the chance to shoot short videos and get “world air tickets” made me feel excited.

DaYu Hao(大鱼号)

Big fish belongs to the self media platform of UC browser. It often holds some high-income activities, focusing on entertainment news and film news. Maybe there will be a big surprise waiting for you

WangYi Hao(网易号)

It has a simple operation interface. But there is no statistics on the number of readings, and no system of returns. It can be said that they have a very good attitude
Tencent content open platform
This platform belongs to Tencent. Such a platform has the attributes of social and high traffic. This is also a platform I like better because I made some money.

YiDian Hao(一点号)

One point belongs to the news aggregation application platform, because it is similar to the route of toutiao, so there will always be a comparison: compared with the intelligent recommendation of toutiao, one point has the dual advantages of search engine and recommendation engine; The disadvantages are obvious: the headline is a recommendation mechanism, and the one is a subscription


The style of Jane book is very similar to its platform name, which may be the original positioning of literary style. Book reviews, film reviews, and sentiment articles seem to be relatively pleasant subjects, and most of its hot topics are in novels, essays, and books. So if you are a literary youth, you can open a column of your own in the Jane book, here can really be a good platform to tell and exchange.

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