Top 5 Pupolar Sports In China

Top 5 Pupolar Sports In China


Badminton is a national sport in our country, which is deeply loved by Chinese people. Its requirements for the venue are very simple. The community roads, rooftops and so on can start fighting by finding a space to build a net.

According to the survey data of sports research institutions, the public viewing rate of badminton in our country (through the on-site, TV and Internet channels to watch the game) is 5.9%.


China is now a gymnastics superpower in the world. It has won numerous honors at various sports festivals and produced legends such as Li Ning. How could such a powerful force not have a solid mass base? Gymnastics is viewed by 6.8 percent of the public in China.

Table tennis

At present, China’s table tennis strength is unmatched in the world. In the world’s top events like the Olympic Games, the final battle for the champion is usually a “civil war” among the Chinese people, and its popularity rate reaches 7.1%.


The football level in China may be like a joke in the world, but this does not affect our Chinese people’s love for football. The popularity of football in China has reached 10.1%, ranking the second most popular sport among Chinese people.


Believe that many people have guessed, basketball is our countrymen’s favorite sports, basketball in our country at the rate of a staggering 34.9%, far more than other projects, but the level of basketball in China is a little bit better than football, I also hope to establish a set of suitable in yao Ming came to power after the basketball talent selection system in our country, to have a place in the history of our country in the world basketball as soon as possible.

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