The Most popular Chinese Female star 2020

The Most popular Chinese Female star 2020


We must all be familiar with The actress Yang Zi, no matter whether we grew up with the family with Children or idol drama “Dear, Love” have left us a very deep impression. As appearance grows gradually open, Yang Zi’s fashion sense is also stronger and stronger. However, Yang Zi also got the first place in this list by virtue of her strength. This year’s “Dear, I Love” made her gain a lot of popularity.

陈钰琪(Chen Yuqi)

Born in 1992 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, mainland film and television actress, graduated from Sichuan University Jincheng College. Chen is the first artist to be signed by Tang’s studio. She first met Tang Yan in the costume drama The Princess Weiyang, and then she appeared in the latest version of Yutian Dragon Slayings, which really attracts a lot of fans. Chen Yuqi is very popular this year. Many audiences like her very much.

杨幂(Yang Mi)

Yang Mi is also from Beijing. She has been playing the role of Xue Jian in The third middle school of Fairy Sword. She has been playing in the entertainment industry for many years. Yang Mi is still a mess of fire this year, really has been keeping the heat.

赵露思(Zhao Silu)

Born in Chengdu, Sichuan province in 1998, Mainland Actress. Zhao Lusi is a rising star. She has appeared in many variety shows and TV dramas. She is very popular in the entertainment industry recently. Zhao is now in high demand.

关晓彤(Guan Xiaotong)

Also from Beijing, sometimes strange, sometimes into a good girl, from rebellious girl to sweet daughter, the performance is smooth and natural, her acting has been praised by many audiences. Guan xiaotong has been very good at ace against ace this year.

李沁(Li Qin)

She has become a goddess in the hearts of many audiences for her role as a drumstick girl. Li Qin in the entertainment world is independent, clean, out of the mud and do not dye. Li Qin is now very popular in the entertainment industry, and her acting in several TV series has been recognized by the audience. In qing more than years of acting let Li Qin in the entertainment industry fire.

鞠婧祎(Ju Jingyi)

Ju Jingyi was born in Suining city, Sichuan Province in 1994. The first to know her because she played the Kyushu sky City, in which the costume is really too beautiful. She is very good at dancing and playing guitar. She is doing well in the entertainment industry and has a lot of fans. Ju Jingyi is also popular in the entertainment industry.


Dili Reba, born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, has a straightforward personality and is popular with audiences. Dili Reba has been on a lot of TV shows and has been to Happy Camp. She is really popular. Dili Reba has reached its peak this year.

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