Popular Chinese Hip-Hop Artists List 2020(rapper)

Popular Chinese Hip-Hop Artists List 2020(rapper)

谢帝(Boss Shady)

A leading rap artist in Sichuan, He won the best rap Performance award at the first CMA Music Awards on July 20, 2017.
Xie Di is a musician with attitude and personality. His songs often reflect various ugly phenomena of the society and expose the injustice of the society. He USES music to poke at the weak points in the heart

龙井说唱(LongJing Rap)

Founded in 2007 in Beijing, China, Longjing music group has no fixed style of music. It is composed in the style of Longjing music group. It tells the story of life with real lyrics and tells the story of common people with rap.
His songs can make a person who hates rap repeat the single cycle! Articulation is clear, the rhythm is fresh, the sense of substitution is very strong!

Higher Brothers海尔兄弟

Higher Brothers, a mainland Chinese rap group, is composed of Ma Siwei, Ding Zhen, Yang Junyi and Xie Yujie, whose highly individual style of music and imaginative lyrics make them one of the powerful faces of Asian youth culture.
Haier Brothers’ rap is mixed with the Trap of Chengdu dialect with fresh taste, fierce strength and pure taste. It faithfully shows the Chinese spirit to the world, and also makes global hip-hop lovers pay attention to Chinese rap


The combination of ethnic melodies and popular hip hop is the most beautiful scenery in Chinese hip hop rap. Their seriousness and passion for music has made the rise of Chinese hip-hop music felt by many listeners who have never heard of it before
Since its debut, Nanzheng Beizhan presents the public’s vision in music with new ideas and new music modes. On the music battlefield, it is like a “soldier” of Nanzheng Beizhan, carrying the banner of reforming Chinese rap, expanding its territory and leading the trend.

陈冠希Edison Chen

2018 is a new HIPHOP single co-created with MC Hotdog, Li Cansen, Kitchen Boy and MC Ren for SHOCK THE WORD IN BEIJING.
As for hip-hop, Edison Chen has never given up. In 2015, a three-episode documentary titled “Within Reach: A Documentary about Edison Chen” appeared online. Those who are interested can have a look.
Edison Chen likes hip-hop, once said: hip-hop is his father, teach him how to sister, how to play basketball, teach him to be careful of the bad people around him, cherish real friends, give him the strength to face life

欧阳靖MC Jin

Miami-born, Chinese-American male Rapper, a Rapper in The mind of the Chinese Rapper, is very famous in the world.
On top of that, a Chinese man killed a black rapper and won “Freestyle Friday” for seven weeks in English on the American music show 106 & Park, showing Americans that there is a Chinese rapper defending national dignity
Among Chinese-American singers, Jing Ouyang was unquestionably the most accomplished: he wrote songs with “Kenya West,” and the album debuted on the U.S. Billboard charts, where it was even called “The World’s First Freestyle.”

MC Hotdog

MC Hotdog, Hotdog. Yao Zhongren, a Rapper from Taiwan, studied at Taipei Jianguo Middle School and graduated from The Mass communication Department of Catholic Furen University.
Hot dog is like a synonym. Whenever mention rap, the first time think of him. He is both a sober social outsider and a domineering, acerbic rapper
MC Hotdog is an iconic figure of Chinese rap music. He is known as the “Godfather of Taiwanese hip-hop” for his pioneering of Chinese hip-hop music.


Kindergarten Killer started his career in 2005 as a controversial Chinese rap character, a rapper with super rap skills but a weird voice, and a killer with speed and rhythm control.
He has proven himself to be a mythical figure forever remembered in the Chinese rap scene


Song Yuet-ting (born November 6, 1978, August 9, 2002) is a Chinese hip-hop rapper from Taipei, Taiwan. On March 30, 2013, he won the best Outstanding Contribution Award at the 2nd China Hip-hop Awards ceremony.
Song Yueting’s flow and freestyle, as well as lyrics, rhythm and arrangement, were all very impressive. In his songs, he seemed to sing everything in reality so thoroughly and incisively. It’s so casual, it’s so cool!
The song “Life’s A Struggle” shows song Yueting, A Bohemian rap genius with changeable musical talent, and A Life full of ups and downs, sadness and challenges

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