How To Source Products On Alibaba

How To Source Products On Alibaba

Alibaba has huge product resources. How to find products with advantages is a very difficult thing. Today I’m going to share with you my selection experience. I hope to enlighten or help you.

3 steps you need to follow:

  • How to select products: find out the superior products required by the market
  • How to select top words: seize the high demand and flow
  • Integrate resources and create top brands: focus on promoting superior products

Step 1: how to choose a product

Not every product can become a hot style, and the formation of every hot style is inseparable from data analysis.

Take the factory as the center, first understand the advantages of the factory and products (whether to support customization, whether to have in stock, production cycle, etc.), and then select the advantages of goods required by customers in combination with the following aspects.

1)Customer group positioning

circle the main target customer groups (wholesalers or retailers) and analyze the selected products with the combination of factory and product advantages.

For example, our customers are characterized by light customization, different styles, and small orders. By doing this well, we are very flexible in the operation of orders, accurate to customers, reduce the time cost, and improve the transaction rate.

2. Regional market analysis:

determine the main market (regional and national data, Google trend and other tools from the perspective of data manager — industry) to investigate the market demand of the industry.

Our market positioning in North America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, combined with each market customer preference analysis. Such as search engine keywords +site+ country image search, you can understand the main market country style.

3. Selected products for peer research and analysis:

conducted research on popular peer products on B2B and B2C platforms such as Alibaba, 1688, amazon, AliExpress Ebay, etc

For example, I learned about the style or market consumer review analysis of the product at amazon to further understand the customer’s focus on the product.

4. Data analysis of selected products in the station

Through the multi-latitude analysis of product data promoted by the store, combined with the data manager — visitors, the analysis of product staying time, my product feedback data, buyers’ collection data, and the data of products placed under credit insurance.

Based on the above analysis, the most advantageous products of the store are selected as the first choice for hot style products. Not only to meet the needs of customer groups and the market, but also the factory and product advantages play to the extreme, improve the accurate drainage inquiry conversion effect, but also for the transaction to lay a foundation.

Step 2: how to choose effective top word dimensions

It is clear to all that the best use of the top exhibition during the promotion will be twice the result with half the effort. But how to choose the most effective words has become a problem. We selected the top words from the following four dimensions:

Hot search words:

mining the main push product core words, and according to the keyword, search heat select hot words.

Effective feedback:

make use of my product source words and visitor details words with feedback to distinguish between PC wireless sources and select words with high feedback frequency.

Keywords index

through the data management industry version – key words index data function, mining the traffic source of the main promoted product words (PC or wireless end) to select the accurate promotion channel effect doubled.

Words of high traffic through train: through train keywords monthly data analysis, select the words of high traffic and high exposure corresponding to the main products.

Step 3: resource integration to create the hot style

It is not enough to create a hot style only by the selection of products and top exhibition, we should make good use of all our store resources, concentrated fire to promote the advantages of goods, a success. The operation method is as follows:

  •  Window products can be weighted to hot style products
  • P4P multi-word binding can be strongly pushed to test hot style
  • Top bound core traffic oriented test hot style
  • Hot style product binding with transaction records and customer comments of one Datong and credit insurance to enhance buyer’s trust
  • Homepage, details page, column page display, and hyperlink
  • Data tracking: analyze hot style factors, conduct continuous innovation in combination with the investigation of excellent peers, and continue to build the next hot style.


Follow the digital trend of the website, step on the right operation rhythm, do a good job of data precipitation. Through the data analysis, using tools to choose the right word to choose the right product, continuous iterative optimization. Then all the effects will come!

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