7 Tips to Boost Baidu Seo In 2020

7 Tips to Boost Baidu Seo In 2020

As we all know, China has a big market. More and more want to sell the product to China. To sell online, We should do China digital Marketing. Know how to sell products online in China. Baidu SEO is a way to get more traffic to your website, Let more people know your product or service, so they may buy your product.

This is a very common topic, without any attraction, but few webmasters can really do well. I asked a friend who has been a webmaster for many years, and I said how to do Baidu SEO search engine optimization well. His reply to me is very difficult, and the scope is too wide to answer, so I want to make a meaningful summary today.

With five years of Baidu SEO experience, I am going to talk with you on how to do Baidu SEO to get more free traffic to your website.

Let’s get started!!!

1.Keyword Searching

Keyword Search

SEO keyword mining work I think is a website is critical from the start, he not only from the beginning is very important, is very important to the process of the growing site after work, but a website at the core of the soul also is the keyword, determine the positioning of the website, this is the early stage of the work must be done well.

in the process of the growing site need to constantly expand the content, need to constantly increase website traffic extend the potential customer, excavation of long-tail keywords at this time becomes more and more important.

Want to do a good job of keyword mining, first locate the target keywords, and then in the use of keyword mining tools for the long tail word extension work, there are a lot of keyword mining tools on the network, you can directly search

Keywords Tool: Baidu index   站长工具关键词工具

2.Structure Optimization


The optimization of the structure of this is very critical, the keyword is the soul of the site, then the structure is the bones of the site. To optimize the structure of the first you have to be able to simple HTML code and CSS, this is a webmaster must know the basic work, with these basics, can be done in line with the search engine structure of the site.

3.Data Analysis

Data analysis is crucial for Baidu ranked, data analysis is not only the internal data, but we should also be more to analyze the data of Baidu to come out, this is a very important job, such as Baidu index demand mapping, he is very clear to tell you,.

the user search after the word what he needs, this data is very key, for you do to optimize your website content is the needs of users, so you don’t have to tell the user experience of nature, like users, search engines also love.

4.Original Content

Search engines like original content very much. A new site has little impact on the ranking of original content, but it is very helpful for collection. Original content is often not found on the network.

In order to supplement the database, search engines will give priority to the collection, and give priority to display when relevant search appears. For the old site, the advantage of original content is greater.

5.Increase inbound links

The increase of the chain will have an obvious impact on the site ranking, but the increase of the chain also need to cycle gradually, one can not eat fat, although the chain has weakened a lot of weight, in many factors, the proportion is still very large

6.Speed Up Your Website

Website opening speed directly affects the first experience of users, slow opening speed, users may have no patience to continue to wait, resulting in a large number of users loss.
Website opening speed has always been an important indicator for website operators and SEO workers. Baidu in the website optimization white paper also mentioned the need to pay attention to website access speed. The speed at which a website is opened is a very important criterion for evaluating the user experience.

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7.Friendly Links

The role of links in Baidu SEO is everyone can know, the biggest intention of the exchange of links is to improve their website keyword ranking. It can also be said that the cooperation between websites is the same, but there are many considerations in the exchange of links.

8.Mobile Friendly

Moved along with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the web site has also integrated into people’s life, and some sites on the PC a keyword may be ranked, but the mobile end will not have priority rankings show, but now to move the circle speed, mobile side flow entrance has gone far beyond the PC flow entrance


Search engine judgment ranking is not one or two factors, but a combination of many factors. It’s not that you can increase the ranking by a certain step, but that every detail of your work has promoted your stable ranking.

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