7 Tips For Buying goods on Taobao

7 Tips For Buying goods on Taobao

Taobao is the largest retail website and popular app in China, with hundreds of millions of active users every day. Many people buy daily necessities on Taobao. It can be said that Taobao shopping has become a part of people’s life.

If you also like Taobao shopping, so how do you choose goods? Today I want to share with you ten shopping tips

Let’s get started!!!

Look at the store reputation

Generally speaking, the sellers with a high reputation are more professional and have better after-sales service. Suggest blue crown 1 class above the seller carries on the transaction.

Generally, it can do above the top of the shop, or more strength, so its product quality will not be too unsatisfactory. Of course, there are also good shops below the top level.

Look at the favorable rating

Taobao’s good reviews are divided into three categories: good, medium, poor. Here let you do it, only focus on comments and bad comments, in comments and bad comments are the real users of the truest reflection, which does not contain any water, according to years of experience, the comment in more than 99% is a true reflection. So the information here is the most reliable shopping information.

Look at real feedback

When describing commodities (especially clothing and jewelry), many shops will attach some picture albums or carefully processed photos, which will be different from the real ones. If there are photos of real commodities, the best real pictures can truly reflect the situation of commodities.

Look at sales

There are two types of sales: cumulative sales and monthly sales, it is recommended that we focus on the monthly sales of goods, this is more real-time information! Some merchandise accumulative sales are particularly high, but the monthly sales are poor, then we should be vigilant, such goods exist the probability of fraud is very high.

Understand the after-sales service terms of the store
Goods bought online may not be satisfactory, so it is necessary to understand the store’s after-sales terms, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble when trying to return goods for a refund.

Shop around

Choose stores with relatively low prices. If the price of two shops is the same, the postage is not the same, of course, choose the shop with the low postage (generally refers to the express fee). Coupon purchase is free of charge

Notes on receiving

It is the store express to come, is your own signature, it is best to check the goods in the signature. General Courier will need you to sign, you can sign the word, do not return the signature sheet to the Courier, check goods finished return.

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