6 Ways to Sell Products in China

6 Ways to Sell Products in China

Many people want to sell products in China, because China has a huge market and Chinese people have a strong purchasing power.However, due to policy reasons, some platforms cannot operate in China. If you want to sell in China, You have to understand the Internet platform in China.
Today, I listed some ways to sell things online in China.


Taobao shop without any threshold, now as long as the minimum payment of 2000 deposits, you can have their own a small shop, and do not need to have a business license, you can do business! By uploading pictures and constantly optimizing the store, customers can better find you and place orders to buy! And you just need to prepare the product, the afternoon package can be shipped!

2.Search Engines(Baidu, 360)

Baidu has hundreds of millions of users in China, the number of page views generated every day is also calculated by hundreds of millions, so many people use baidu every day, so naturally there will be demand, there will be demand for potential customers!

Baidu web page video pictures, everything! All you need to do is create a personalized blog site, or a single page site to attract browsing users! Of course, just do a website is not enough, you need to continue to do BaiDu Seo, in order to make your web pages beyond the peer, and get more potential users.

3.Kuai Shou(快手)

Kuaishou is a video sharing platform! 600 million users! So in fast hand how to sell products! Fast hands mostly through food and drink to play also gain the trust of the fans, as long as the constant updates every day, let fans gradually recognized you this person, so when the fan reaches a certain number.

plus you sell product have good reputation, they will have a demand in the first time remember you’re selling this product, will naturally in WeChat order for your services and products! Can realize live broadcast to sell things to make money! Grass roots without technology can also easily make money, not fast hand also!

4. TouTiao(头条)

Many people read the news through todays headlines to learn what they like! Do you know who produced this content? Of course, it is those sellers who write articles and make videos. They also achieve the purpose of promotion by writing articles, interspersing their own product brands, and ever increase the sales of their products and services! At the same time, you can also release product videos through toutiao’s douyin platform to gain more fans and potential customers!

5.WeChat Moment(朋友圈)

WeChat has become the largest app user in China and is popular with consumers. Wechat business has over 15 million employees. People who buy and sell things can find the products and services they want on WeChat moments. If only rely on their own circle of friends to sell things, obviously is not realistic and not for long, you need to from other platform drainage to WeChat to clinch a deal. Business is a good micro business is several WeChat ID, daily income up to hundreds of thousands of different!

6.Xian Yu(咸鱼)

Xian Yu

Xianyu is an App App of alibaba’s idle trading platform (iOS version and android version). As long as members use taobao or alipay account to log in, they can achieve many functions such as one-key reselling of “bought baby” in personal taobao account, taking photos and uploading second-hand and unused items on their own mobile phone, and online transaction without going through complicated shop opening process.

Download and use the new concept of “idle fish” app, individual sellers can get a greater degree of exposure, more efficient circulation path and more advantageous logistics prices, three advantages, let idle baby with the fastest speed to the hands of the new owner. In addition, the back end of xianyu platform has been seamlessly connected to taobao’s credit payment system, thus ensuring transaction security to the greatest extent.


Listed above is what we sell things online, they all have one thing in common, is that they are the platform, and you want to sell your things in it, you need to constantly through video or web page display your services or products, let more people know you are selling these things, you have deep knowledge of a product or service, the expert, is this, people just want to add you WeChat or to your website to buy products and services!

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