10 Big Differences Baidu SEO and Google SEO

10 Big Differences Baidu SEO and Google SEO

What difference does SEO of baidu and Google have after all? This question is the customer or SEO novice people most often asked one of the hot questions, but most of the time we get the answer is like: baidu and Google SEO basic no difference; As long as you focus on the content, make the links, and improve the user experience, the rankings will go up. But others will continue to ask: “then why is my website ranked very good in Google, very poor in baidu?” “Why are more than 80% of the content on baidu and Google search results different?” These situations are not unique, you are very easy to be asked such questions, as a professional SEO person, how should you answer?

# Ranking advantage of its own products

Enter any one of the popular keywords, baidu home page will appear baidu own product rankings, even if these own products have not done any SEO, they can still be strong in the home page. Advantage I don’t want to say more, this is even baidu webmaster club LEE also default thing, SEO if people can learn to use baidu own products to make use of force, I think can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
However, Google does not discriminate against its own products. If it violates Google webmaster’s guide, even if it is its own products, Google will be shot to death. Google Japan, Google browser, etc., is a good example. So, to do a good job of Google SEO, you must strictly follow the Google webmaster guide, there are no shortcuts; To do a good job in Baidu SEO, if you want to achieve short-term results, try to use baidu’s own platform advantage will be a very good idea.
Here is a screenshot of the popular “so young” search results, to witness the power of baidu’s own products.

# Search results home page user behavior

A foreign research institutions (the source is unknown, if please welcome to inform, I’ll add link) in the research and compare baidu and Google users scanning hot after trying to find home page, Google and baidu users user behavior will be obvious difference, in Google, users find the information they want usually need only half the time of baidu users (Google is 30 seconds, and baidu is 55 seconds), most users only look at the first three results; Conversely, in baidu, users usually sweep the contents of the search results from the beginning to the end, at the same time we note on baidu that heat map, click on the red dot, a large number of appeared on the baidu search box at the bottom of the related search, rather than the search results page, it is not for baidu is a powerful data, that is what will it look like?
I feel much reason to and search quality, baidu’s search results are relatively more chaotic, a lot of times the user root can’t distinguish those are paid advertising, who is a natural result, and often these paid advertising content can’t well satisfy the needs of users, so the user may choose to refine the search words again, or simply pull the bottom to see relevant recommendation to once again to find what they really want. Of course, that’s why baidu users spend an average of 55 seconds, almost twice as long as Google, searching to find the information they want.

# Page indexed

This one I want to make the website of the friends are very clear, from the perspective of a page included time, Google is definitely a lot faster than baidu, and usually in the peripheral placed only a small amount of outer entrance Google can follow the links to climb to your web site and indexing, and baidu is different, for new sites is not immediately collected, even quite a long time are not included.
New website after passing the examination period for baidu, baidu started from your website, the assessment period for many webmasters is relatively difficult, assessment period time sometimes really make people can’t figure out, some websites even two months to more than a month, included, also some site features, two or three days if some high quality sites included fast, poor quality of the site included slow can understand, but as far as I know some illegal websites, poor quality website also has a lot of soon was collected, this let person some elusive. My blog went online a week Google was included, waiting for more than a month before baidu included.

#Strategies for new sites

The new station baidu and Google have their own audit standards, Google has Google sandbox, baidu also has its own audit period, from the point of view of the duration, basically, but also poor, for 3-6 months. , after the review period, Google more keywords ranking of judging criteria from the degree of the quality of the page itself and the recommendation of external links to sorting, site young because you will not affect a particular page rank, and the weight of baidu will still consider site, so it was hard to get word from baidu, ranking of difficult words, more often after a big websites is big to site traffic and ranking, and for Google, the new stations for hot word ranking is very likely.

# Website recovery mechanism after being punished

After the website must be googlek, you don’t have to worry too much, according to the Google webmaster guide to adjust their own website, and then through Google administrator tools and Google communication, Google will re-observe your website before the correction of cheating means, once corrected, Google will give you recovery. But baidu, if your website is K, so the probability of recovery is very small, although baidu also has a complaint channel, but I personally think these are just formal decoration, most of the reply is irrelevant answer, of course, baidu can blame most webmaster asked questions are not clear, belong to invalid questions.
But in fact, even if the question is asked effectively, the processing speed and response efficiency are still very low. If you want to give an example, you can write a blog post, but I won’t go into details here. Of course, this is also related to the quality of baidu’s own personnel, there is no special person to manage this matter will inevitably lead to this embarrassing situation. So for baidu SEO, must strictly abide by the baidu webmaster guide, although you can say that some website cheating can also be ranked to baidu home page, this situation I can’t explain, like why some people do nothing, in the company can get high wages, maybe you just see the surface.

#External link evaluation criteria

In fact, Google and baidu have very different evaluation criteria for external links. For Google, external links are more like external recommendations, which are not limited to the links written in the a tag that can be directly clicked. Recommendation factors from social end can also influence the ranking.
For baidu, the link is a link, and have no direct relationship between social, baidu also will accept those who do not write in a tag links (that Google is not acceptable), the environment, this also depends on the Internet, many people don’t want to click outside the chain, but outside the chain is, indeed, sincerely recommend again, whether or not? Baidu webmaster platform said, the only criterion to judge the link is whether this link is sincerely recommended by users.
Good, about the difference between baidu SEO and Goole SEO and everyone to share here, hope to be able to hear you different voices and feedback, let us dig deeper together and summarize baidu and Google more different.

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